Radiology and Diagnostic Center Software


Cloud based software for Managing Hospitals, Dentals Clinics, PolyClinics, Pathology Labs, Pharmacy Stores

OVID HMS,a Cloud based Dental Software & Cloud Based Hospital Management System Software,suppoerts multiple specialities

OVID HMS- Online Radiology Diagnostic Centre Management Module

OVID HMS offers a full fledged module to operate single or a chain of Diagnostic Centers across Cities, States, Countries. It offers the security, reliability and transparency in contrast to others. In our case you own the data and can download or view your data any time without and restrictions. You have a freedom to use it or exit from our system anytime.

As part of the Only Radiology Diagnostic Centre Management module, OVID HMS offers the following features

Ease of use

Readymade Radiology CBCT , Cardio , Mammogram etc examinations database for easy onboarding of new labs. We have 400 examinations already added to our system which helps you to start using instead of you keying in all exams into the system

Simple Pricing

We offer a simple and dynamic pricing system as part of OVID HMS. You can update the prices along with adding new tests or test packages.

Multiple Locations

OVID HMS is built to scale and is accessible 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world. It helps you manage you diagnostic centres spread in different states and cities from anywhere in the world.

Customer Relationship Management

We give you provision to collect minimal, simple or complete details about your customer. Also, you can see the tests, test results, transactions and sales of each customer to give you a better insight into the business and customer significance.

Communications Module

OVID HMS is integrated with SMS messaging system. A SMS is sent for every step in the examination process. You can send Whatsapp Message from our application too directly.

Referrral Doctors and Hospitals

We truly understand the modern Diagnostic Centres and the referral relations between the Doctors , Hospitals and Labs. Keeping in view of this , we have designed a system to keep track of the channels through which you are getting business and customers.

Business Intelligence

As a business owner you get all the insights on the performance of each Diagnostic Centre. You get to see the trends - daily, weekly, monthly. You even get to compare Year over year data. OVID HMS shows a clear picture of where your business is doing well and which items are in high demand. It also shows the areas where you can improve your sales.


  •    Simple Billing
  •    Detailed Examination Results
  •    Customised Print Header with logo and Diagnostic Center information
  •    Create your own packages / group of radiology examinations for easy billing and marketing
  •    Mobile App, Tab app - For Android and iOS(Apple)
  •    File and Patient Documents Management
  •    Price Maintenance
  •    One Simple Screen for daily operations
  •    Multiple business reports for business owners
  •    Business Intelligence built into the system
  •    Supports multiple locations across cities and states and countries
  •    Manage multiple locations remotely
  •    Customer Communication Module
  •    Reports (sales, daily sales, daily expenses, sales graph, ... )
  •    Advanced Search Options
  •    Patient Data Management
  •    Referral Doctors and Hospitals Management
  •    Expense Data Management
  •    Accounting - Expenses , Revenue, Profits
  •    Doctor Wise Earning Report
  •    Staff management
  •    Clients manager
  •    Users management
  •    Invoicing
  •    Currency-aware
  •    Device responsive
  •    Logging and records manager
  •    Partial payment
  •    Simple Pricing
  •    Communications Module
  •    Staff Attendance - QR code and Location based using just smartphones
  •    Staff Salary Register
  •    Staff Leave Register
  •    Staff Absenteeism Report
  •    Staff Incentives , Bonus etc payments Register