HMS Dental Technology

An innovative and latest dental practice software designed for making your practice more profitable in less time.

Technology That Gets Done More in Less Time

Hospital Management System(HMS) boost your front office productivity with an integrated suite and latest technologies that allow your organisation to get more done in less time. Time-consuming tasks such as Lab Work Orders, adding Medicines, favourite Prescription, Appointment Handling, Processing Payments & generating Invoices and updating Patient Records can be accomplished in less time with greater accuracy.

Hospital Management System


  • Automatic and instant SMS / Email alerts for different processes
  • SMS / Email alerts to the patient for Appointment booking, rescheduling, No-Show
  • SMS / Email alerts to the patient for Today's Appointment reminders
  • Bulk SMS to all patients with own free text for different offers , festivals etc
  • Birthday wishes to patients
  • SMS / Email alerts to the Labs upon Lab Order Creation in OVID HMS
  • SMS / Email alerts to the Labs upon non-delivery of Lab Order by Expected Date
  • SMS / Email alerts to the Supplies Dealer upon Order Creation in OVID HMS
  • SMS / Email reminder to the Supplies Dealer upon non-delivery of Order by Expected Date

One Click Prescription

  • Add your Own Drugs
  • Choose from existing
  • Manage favourite drugs
  • Manage favourite Rx
  • Digital Rx
  • Clear Rx with detailed instructions and details for each drug


  • Customized Printing with your Own Logo  , Doctor Info & Other Business Details
  • Optional Header (If you want to use your own letter heads)
  • All steps in an appointment can be printed & can be individually selected

International Standard Practice

  • All steps in a Typical Appointment
  • Quick Save / View of Patient Notes
  • All / Any Steps of Appointments are Optional
  • Simple clicks to Complete all Steps of Appointment
  • No Data Entry required by Dentists

Payments & Invoices

  • One Click Invoice Generation for Patients
  • One Click Payment with Minimum Data Entry

No Hardware Purchase Required

  • Works on All Laptops/Mac Books/Desktop/Tabs
  • Works with any A4 Printer

Affordable Pricing & Easy Payments

  • HMS is designed on latest technologies for better user experience ,case of use & we promise better performance than any other competitor

Superior Latest Technologies

  • HMS has all the features offered by competitions in packages
  • All features are included and no payments for any future additions to this solution
  • We Partner with ' PayPal ' which is a trusted Payment Provider World-Wide
  • For Indian Customers We accept Payments on our Business-Intelligence.

Data Security

  • Exclusive Patient data
  • Each Business Partner's Patient data is his own.We don't share patient data with anyone
  • Role bases access control
  • We have 20 pre-configured roles with appropriate previlages to the system


  • Hospital owners can manage multiple locations from HMS sitting remotely from anywhere.
  • Easy Administration of users and their roles, permissions from a single dashboard
  • Business performance reports , trends and comparisons of various branches
  • Designed for large hospitals with multiple branches in different Geo-Graphical Locations
  • Offers a unique and single platform to manage all businesses with few clicks


  • Complete Data Management System for your Business
  • No need of writing Patient Specific Data on Paper or Excel
  • Easy information Search / Print
  • Export any or all of your data any time in pdf or excel format
  • Offers Unlimited-Storage for documents , files & photos
  • Works with WebCam or Camera on your Tablet / Phone to upload pictures of Patients / Other documents


  • Lab Work Orders can be created and tracked until payments & invoices
  • Make easy orders for medical equipment / supplies without making a phone call or waiting for a dealer

Business Intelligence

  • Offers various reports to manage your business
  • Patients
  • Labs
  • Supplies
  • Trends
  • Procedure wise performance reports of your doctors

World-Wide Usage

  • Designed for using all across the Globe
  • Currency based on your Geo-Location