Dental Clinic Software


Cloud based software for Managing Hospitals, Dentals Clinics, PolyClinics, Pathology Labs, Pharmacy Stores

OVID.IN HMS,a Cloud based Dental Software & Cloud Based Hospital Management System Software,suppoerts multiple specialities

OVID.IN HMS- Online Dental Management Module


  •    App for mobile,tablet devices
  •    Works with all latest browsers on all Laptops/PC/Macs
  •    Appointment Scheduling
  •    Referrals Capture
  •    Patient Feedback Capture
  •    SMS Alerts - appointment booking,rescheduling, etc.
  •    Bulk SMS with custom message - Birthdays,Festivals
  •    Today's appointment reminders
  •     Lab Work Orders Management
  •    Customized printing with branding of the hospital
  •    Clear and detailed prescription printing
  •    Detailed Printing of patient profile and other details of appointment treatment,investigation etc
  •    Revenue,expense,demographics and other reports and trends
  •    Own tariff management for medical procedures and lab services
  •    Patient billing and payments & capture transaction details
  •    Export data in multiple formats Excel,pdf,csv
  •    Order supplies to your favourite suppliers
  •    Role based access control to control access to data based on login
  •    Manage multiple branches centrally
  •    Bills,reports,accounts,expenses data capture
  •    Staff Management - Performance Measurement,KPIs, Incentives, attendance with biometrics

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Dental Practice

KPIs are firm statistics or measurements that represent the most important factors in practice success. They should be measured and summarized in a routine single-page report every month. While most practitioners may say they already review their profit and loss (P&L) statements monthly, many KPIs are not found on a P&L statement. In fact, P&L statements often fool dentists into believing that their practice is performing better than it actually is. KPIs, as outlined below, are based on real data and provide a true picture of practice performance in numerous areas. A practice that fails to measure and track KPIs is operating blindly-without the benefit of early warning signs or indications of declining practice performance.

OVID.IN HMS Software helps you capture the procedural data in all aspects of your dental practice. This raw data also helps you in seeing the KPIs for your dental practice on the Software Dashboard. To help determine the health of their practice, dentists should consider its key performance indicators (KPIs). Below are the Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) that you would be able to see after enough data is generated in OVID HMS software:

  •    Practice production
  •    Collections
  •    Practice profit
  •    Cash
  •    Percentage of active patients currently scheduled
  •    Overhead
  •    Average production per patient
  •    Average production per new patient
  •    Case acceptance rates
  •    Number of new patients
  •    Patient attrition
  •    Staff labor percentage
  •    Clinical Supplies
  •    Lab Fees
  •    Advertising
  •    Office supplies
  •    New Patient Exams
  •    New Patients per month
  •    Accounts Receivable
  •    Staff Salaries
  •    Months in Treatment(visits)
  •    Collections per visit