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Cloud based software for Managing Hospitals, Dentals Clinics, PolyClinics, Pathology Labs, Pharmacy Stores

OVID HMS-Pricing
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Patient Data Management
Appointment Scheduling , rescheduling , cancelling , followup appointment booking etc.,
Outpatient Management
Inpatient Management
Operation Theatre Management
Pharmacy Information Management
Pathology Lab Management
Radiology and Imaging Information Management
Role based Permissions and access control
One Click - Add Patient Notes
Data Security & Unlimited Storage
Access from anywhere
Access from Mobile
Access from Tablet
Access anytime 24 x 7
Place and track Lab Work Orders
Easy Appointment Handling
Patients File(s) uploads
Patients (Photo Capture)
Customised Printing
Digital Rx
Digital Printing ( Details of the Patients, Clinical Examinations etc., )
Add Favourite Labs , Medicines & Prescriptions
One Click - Add Favourite Medicine to Prescription
One Click Payments & Invoice Printing
Place and track Supplies orders from Dealers
Export Patients, Appointments , Work Orders, other data yourself anytime
Affordable Pricing & Easy Payments
Patient billing, invoice generation, payment receipts etc.,
Procedural Tariffs Management
Support for Multiple Locations
24 * 7 Customer Support
Send SMS / email to patients with No-show , Cancelled Appointments in last N days
Send a automatic reminder SMS/ Email to all patients with no appointment in Last 6 months
Accounting - maintain all expense records
Accounting - breakup of expenses
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Price for a volume of 10,000 SMS(Unlimited validate) ₹ 2,950 $ Depends on Country
Bulk SMS
Birthday SMS
Transactional SMS(Appointment Booking,Rescheduling etc., and Lab Work Orders,Supplies Orders etc.,)
Today's Appointment reminders

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* All new features added to OVID HMS in future will be available for all existing and new customers of OVID HMS at no additional cost*