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Why Should you choose OVID.IN HMS ?

Offline HMS

In offline HMS, you are on your own and you have to take care of the machine and the software on it. The offline HMS may not work sometimes because of multiple reasons like

  • System crash - windows corrupted
  • Hardware failure
  • Virus brought down the entire system
  • Some HMS settings got changed
  • Hard disk is full
  • insufficient RAM
  • some System settings got changed

In Offline HMS, you cannot add a new machine to use the software quickly. You need to call the vendor and he has to setup the HMS on the new Machine and it all takes time and money.

In offline HMS, you cannot access your data outside your clinic or Hospital. And you cannot access your other Locations data from one location.

Cloud based OVID.IN HMS

Cloud based Online OVID.IN HMS is an answer to all these problems. With the ubiquity of internet through Mobile 4G networks and Fixed Broadband connections, you can stay connected 24 x 7 nowadays. This has helped all Softwares to go online and reduce the costs for the customer in terms of maintenance , support and customer care.

In Cloud based Online OVID.IN HMS , the advantage is that you only have to have a browser like google Chrome. In case of your PC failure , you can quickly switch to another one or use it from a Tablet PC as you only need a browser to work with the software.

Your data is in safe hands on safe servers in OVID.IN HMS. So, you can sleep tight without having to worry about your data.