Software / IT / Programming Job support at Ovid Technologies, Visakhapatnam

Online and Offline job support by 10+ years experienced senior programmers

In this age of competition we know that many aspiring young people are getting into Software Industry after a lot of training and hardship. But the initial days in the Software industry are very crucial as it is the time to build self-confidence. Today all the companies expect even the freshers to know everything and be an expert in the software echnologies. But everyone has limited capabilities and learn at their own pace. And many require the time to learn and a mentor to do the hand-holding initially. So, here we are to help all such people who are unable to cope up with the initial work stress in the Software Industry. We provide you with senior resources to help you complete your project tasks and also explain you all the related steps and procedures. We are just a message away from anywhere in the world.

We provide job support in the following software technologies:

  1. React Native
  2. ReactJs
  3. Web Development - HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES8, jQuery
  5. MS Sql Server
  6. Postgresql
  7. MySQL
  9. C#.NET
  10. JAVA

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